Nov 162013

Based in Kenilworth Cape Town, I had the Telkom Faster ADSL line at 2Mbps, but was only getting roughly 512Mbps download due to the saturation in the area.

So I decided to give the Telkom HomeOffice LTE a go. I ordered and received the package a week later on a Friday, the activation took another 5 days before the device connected to the internet.

In the packaging there is some information about support, the number works but not the select options

Don’t bother phoning the number before you are activated, as they wont have your details on the system.

I found out you can dial 081183 for Technical support.


I have the device on the ground floor in the kitchen of my duplex and the signal strength does not seem great at 1 bar. I will be trying to move the device around in different areas to see if strength increases. Seeing it only needs power, should be easy enough.

As you can see the download speed is much faster than traditional fixed ADSL line, but the upload is not great.

Off the bat, I am slightly disappointed as its not even close to the possible 90Mbps, but I’ll play around with the system and see if we can improve performance.

 Update 17 November 2013

Internet was strangely getting slow, so searched around for a better signal, found 3 bar in a spare bedroom.

Did another speed test from my Samsung Note 3 in the same room and downstairs computer, speed is actually slower today!


Update 19 November 2013

Returning the device, speed is not that great in our area and we have somehow reached our 10Gb limit in 7 days?!

 Update 1 January 2014

This morning got a SMS that I’ve been billed R798.00 with reference TELKOMMOBI5007#####, phoned the support and advised that the product was still active and had not been cancelled as requested. So off this morning to Cavendish to the Telkom Data shop with proof of cancellation to make sure i get a refund and the product is cancelled!

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