Dec 172012

 Event 13042



Event ID: 13042

Source: Windows Server Update

Self-update is not working





Had this error appearing on our WSUS server.

It appears Sharepoint was installed and the “Default Web Site” in Internet Information Servers (IIS) was stopped and Sharepoint Web site was using port 80

All I needed to do to resolve this issue is create a Virtual Directory point to C:\Program Files\Update Services\Selfupdate under the Sharepoint Web Site

Virtual Directory

Ensure Anonymous Access is Enabled under Directory Security for the Virtual Directory

Check that the problem has been fixed by running the following command:

“C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\wsusutil.exe” checkhealth

If you check in Event Viewer/Application you should see the below report:



Source: Windows Server Update

Event ID: 10000

WSUS is working correctly

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